Child marriage is not more recognised in Sweden

4f513249c40cc1f6733e63c328debb90 - Child marriage is not more recognised in Sweden

STOCKHOLM – Sweden wants child marriage in foreign countries are carried out not more recognize. The government closed loopholes in the law which will ensure that minors use detours to tie the knot. ,,The message is clear: in Sweden, children are children”, explains the government.

Sweden did earlier child marriage in Sweden in the ban, but couples who were married in the foreign country were still recognized. Also, when rules were tightened, increased the number of child marriage in Sweden, because there are gaps in the law that such marriages validly made. As soon as the law takes effect on January 1, 2019, will no longer go, hopes the Swedish government.

Dutch situation

In the Netherlands in 2015 laws passed, making child marriage within and outside the Netherlands are carried out are not acknowledged. Action groups set up, however, that it still exists, especially among closed communities such as the Syrian, Pakistani and roma communities.

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