’Chewing gum helps men to fall off’

Shinjuku – chewing gum may not be the most nutritious habit, but according to a new Japanese study can ensure that men of 40 years and older burn more calories.

According to a team of researchers from Tokyo’s Waseda University in the Japanese city of Shinjuku is in both men and women the heart rate is faster in people who have both gum chewing as well as hiking at the same time.

To the investigation, 46 volunteers in the age from 21 to 69 years. The volunteers were divided into two groups.

Chewing gum and powder

Group one chewed two different sizes of chewing gum while walking at normal pace. The second group also walked on a normal pace but swallowed as a powder, by which the same ingredients are contained as the chewing gum of group one. The difference was the fact that the participants of group two didn’t have to chew.

Healthy ageing

From the research it emerged that only men of 40 years and older burn more calories. In the conclusion of the research, write the researchers that healthy ageing may be a bit easier than I thought.

“In addition, can such activities help to prevent obesity or to treat it,” said the researchers in the report that they set up.

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