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Chairman of the Swiss stock exchange for national crypto-currency

After the introduction of the Petro (crypto-currency) seems to be in Venezuela a great success to be had also announced that Turkey and Iran a country of their own digital currency. Now the Chairman of the Swiss stock exchange actively seeks to bring a country’s own crypto-currency in Switzerland on the market.

Romeo Lacher, Chairman of the Swiss stock exchange, has called for the development of a national crypto-currency in the country. The “e-france” is to be supported by the Swiss Central Bank and controlled. Laughs sees a whole series of advantages for this step, (Free Translation):

The e-franc under the control of the Central Bank would combine the synergies of many sectors of the economy, and strengthen.

Mr laughs in this step, a great opportunity to the pioneering role of Switzerland in the crypto-currency area to expand and advance. For example, it is in some cities of Switzerland is already possible to pay taxes through a payment in Bitcoin or Ethereum. Furthermore, the orientation of ICOs, in the meantime, clear guidelines and a legal Framework with which a potential host of the Initial Coin Offerings.

Shortly after this Statement by Mr. Laucher, there was a corresponding opinion of the Swiss national Bank. This explained that there is currently no need for the introduction of e-france, since existing payment systems are functioning properly.

Is somewhat contradictory to his in the enthusiasm, the statement that the exchange will not allow trading of digital currencies for the time being:

We have not currencies before trading with Crypto, as well as ICOs. However, we see a whole range of advantages of the block chain technology for our company.

In January, Johann Schneider-Ammann, Minister of economy of Switzerland reiterated that a goal of Switzerland is to become the leading Nation in the crypto area:

Switzerland must be the “crypto-Nation”. This is part of the industrial Revolution 4.0. Furthermore, it is regulate, much too early to crypto-currencies.

Although Switzerland is still far from the e-franc on the market, however, we find that it is a very positive sign is that this topic is discussed in Public.

However, it does not exclude from our point of view, that we can get in this year, the e-franc. Statements of policy may be discarded from today to tomorrow, and be open to used advantage of in a timely manner.

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