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Ceo of the F1: “Give Stoffel Vandoorne will have time to shine”

b6414481dc3ce185f5a781d1c81c8c7a - Ceo of the F1: “Give Stoffel Vandoorne will have time to shine”

In an interview with the RTBF has Toto Wolff will let means that our compatriot Stoffel Vandoorne have some experience and miles needed before he can show what he really can.

We can be difficult to get around the fact that Stoffel Vandoorne up to now a difficult second season of experience in Formula 1. He is structurally slower than his team-mate and last year was that still with the mantle of charity, covered by the fact that the finished his debut season was, and the McLaren-Honda a dragon of a car.

This year there was, however, more expected because McLaren the unreliable Honda engine from last year upgraded to a copy of Renault and because Vandoorne progression showed. At the end of last season, he should without hesitation is the equivalent of Alonso.

Stoffel seems to be in 2018 to and with Lando Norris and Nyck de Vries, McLaren has two talented juniors in the Formula 2. Must Vandoorne will start to worry with the eye on 2019?

The people of the RTBF asked the opinion of Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff.

“For me, it’s simple,” let Wolff again. “He is one of the most talented riders in the field. In GP2, he has everyone won, and when he was in the F1 arrived, he was even compared to a legend like Ayrton Senna.”

“Such expectations and comparisons are difficult for any young rider. It takes time, you have to be a rider the chance to get mileage and to learn. The whole environment of the F1 is difficult, we had last year, is the perfect example with Valtteri Bottas. That made a good start and had a lesser period of time.”

“Now we agree that he is stronger out come is. I have no doubt that Stoffel intelligent and talented enough to be a good rider and I hope he gets that time,” concluded the Austrian.

Triple racewinnaar Thierry Boutsen forceful and candid and says that Vandoorne should start performing.

“I’m his biggest fan but at this moment, his future in the game,” said Boutsen.

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