Casey Benjamin H. hours to ’Hatch’ all murder?

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LIÈGE – The aanslagpleger in Liège, which is two female agents and one passer-by killed in Liege, may take several hours before a robbery and a murder. That report French and Belgian media. It comes to the 36-year-old Benjamin H..

Benjamin H. on camera in Liège.

Monday night was Michael W. killed with a bullet through his head in On, a borough of Marche-en-Famenne. The police note that Benjamin H. is the culprit. Sources report that the murder of Michael W., a settlement would be in the drug world.

Benjamin H. would rather that night, along with two other men, one armed robbery, committed at a jewelry store in Rochefort. He himself comes from the area of Rochefort. It is possible that the later murdered, Michael W. one of the accomplices in the robbery, in which three times was shot, but not injured.

The public prosecutor of Belgium confirms the murder of Michael W. but the reports about a link with ’Part’ is not confirm. In that city killed H. three people and kidnapped later a cleaning lady.

Thirteen times

Yesterday was H. released from prison with a ’uitgaansvergunning’. For such a permit, he received all fourteen times, to his impending release to prepare for. Thirteen times it went without any problems. He kept the appointments and always returned back in time. Monday, he was allowed for a period of eight hours the prison was abandoned.

H. would be in prison are radicalised. Fellow inmates have him against the transmitter violent called. He sat for a while, for a zipper to drugsfeiten, thefts and other petty crime, but in prison he had contact with radicalised prisoners.

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