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California: Land purchase, and with Ripple (XRP) pay

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The Online marketplace of Propylene, Inc. now offers the purchase of land close to the town of Los Gatos by a plurality of crypto-currencies. Who has the wherewithal can pay the invoice by Bitcoin, Ethereum or Ripple. The offered plots are located on the top of a hill and offer views in the direction of Silicon Valley.

The real estate specialized Online marketplace of the company Propylene, Inc. goes new ways. There will now be accepted in addition to Bitcoin and Ethereum, more recently, to the payment of the land by means of Ripple (XRP).

With XRP to own a home in Silicon Valley

Recently via Twitter advertised plots of land near the town of Los Gatos are breeding according to the provider, for example, for the horse, the olive and wine cultivation. Also interesting is the acquisition of a senior employee of a company from the Silicon Valley would be due to the location. The necessary crypto-money, provided, of course. The total of 27 acres of Land lie in the immediate vicinity of the Headquarters of the Streaming service Netflix. Also, the cities of San Jose and San Francisco, or Stanford University would not be possible without larger effort, with the own car.

In terms of the Blockchain, the provider is already for a long time up-to-date. BTC-ECHO reported on Propylene and similar projects in September 2017. It offers a long-term payment processing with various crypto-currencies. The company also conducted in the autumn of last year with the so-called PRO Token a money collection using a private Initial Coin Offering (ICO). Whether it will enforce the payment by Ripple (XRP), remains to be seen.

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