Britian’s Got Talent contestant chokes almost during the act

Boeienkoning Matt Johnson has a terrifying moment experienced. When, during his act a slot not loskreeg, suffocating almost, in a water tank.

The 43-year-old boeienkoning has been two years in order to hold his breath, and then in situations to fail, which the stress level rising. So during his ontsnappingsact in the semi-finals of Monday night, his hands shackled, he wore a metal harness to his chest with three locks on it. Moreover, it was his head locked in a perspex cage filled with water.

In advance he had already indicated that he himself with this stunt ’hell on earth’ would be gone and that there was a possibility that he might die, if he does not within 1 minute and 45 los would come. When that time limit has passed, hit Johnson visible in a panic. Already struggling with the locks, he had eventually the paramedics to ask for help. The Daily Mail reported the story, accompanied by photos.


All in all, it took 2 minutes and 21 seconds for Matt actually was freed, gasped for breath and visibly stressed. Judge Amanda Holden: “OMG, I hate this! I have my own breath, the whole time, and I fell almost of my stick. It is exciting to watch. You’re very brave and I’m glad you’re still alive.”

Afterwards he confessed never so close to death had been if in this to occur. What inspires him to do this? That is his brother, who is struggling with a rare brain disease. Matt survived the semi-final and was through to the live finals on Sunday nights.

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