‘Blunderende Liverpool-goalie is going to heavily season to meet’

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Liverpool-goalkeeper Loris Karius would be not bad to do to England and to opt for a transfer abroad. That is the opinion of Robert Green, former goalkeeper of the English national team.

Loris Karius

Karius went out last weekend twice horribly in the error in the lost Champions League final against Real Madrid (3-1). Green fears that the German, this coming season may be the target could be spot in the Premier League. “Unfortunately for Karius is the half of the season from away games,” said the goalkeeper in conversation with BBC Sport. “It is going to he very heavy. It will be a long summer for him.”

Green know all too well how it is for a goalkeeper is to the weakling. At the 2010 world cup was the final item on the painful in error against the United States (1-1). “I remember my first match in the Premier League after the world cup. Every time when I’m on the ball was whistled 30,000 people to me. This will Karius still haunt, but it is how he terugknokt. Hopefully he comes out stronger, as a goalkeeper and as a human being.”

Still, it would be a foreign transfer this summer is not a bad idea, according to Green. “If he returns to Germany, it will be his mistakes not forgotten, but is he less in the spotlight.”

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