Blind Married: Esther and Tim divorce

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Sturdy first in the new Day All: Esther and Tim from the most recent season of Blind are Married off each other and get a divorce. The couple decided after the third season of Blind Married to stay together. The couple saw it is fully seated, despite the fact that there never really sparks and fire were seen. Esther and Tim, who saw each other on their own way like. That they showed during the footage in a subtle way to each other. Especially Tim turned out to be a romantic, he knew with a real treasure map Esther even a real quest to start. They had, however, been a problem to her feelings show, that was just last month when Esther is in All told us that they prefer using sms and a note with Tim communicated.

Tim was at the conclusion of the experiment on tv in the clouds with his wife: “My feeling for Esther is only but continue to grow. This is better than what I could hope for. All right, I feel at ease with her. I can be who I am. And therefore I say again today yes. This time not against the experiment, against Esther, because I the rest of my life with her wants to spend,” sounded two months ago, excited.

And Esther was glad that she mrs. De Winter should remain. “My first impression of Tim was immediately very positive. I was immediately a few things of my wish list check-off. I had in the beginning to trust him. That is not unique to me, so that is really due to him. The past few weeks we have so many beautiful moments. All this makes that after five weeks married and wants to stay and wants to go further as Mrs. Winter.”

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