‘Blind Married couple from each other

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Tim and Esther, the cute couple from the VTM program ‘Blind Married, after more than half a year a point behind their relationship. Show and Three and Aljosja and Sweet are the only two couples who married after the last season.

The duo gave each other the knot on 27 October 2017. Looking Vlaanderen was a witness. With her red dress and his red tie caught the two immediately attention. The sparks flew, however, never finished. Both of them had difficult to use their emotions to speak, with small gestures, they knew each other, ultimately to conquer. With a personalized house number, in which both names are read, they give at the end of the season to their marriage after the program to continue. The couple continued for more than half a year together. Today, they confirm to All that they are no longer a couple. “We have a very nice time together and fun moments, but we have recently decided, nevertheless any back to go our own way. We wish each other the absolute best in the future”, Tim and Esther know. About the reason of their break-up they would rather nothing be lost. All hope is so set on Show and Three and Aljosja and Dear. Later this year expect also Nicholas and Evelyn, from the second season, their first child. Stijn and Nuria bites the striker. They made for the first Blind Married-baby.

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