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“Bitcoin” of a British company brand protected legally

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Since the enigmatic founder of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009, Bitcoin, created by, was the name of the currency as a public good is known.

In the last month, however, has acquired a company in the UK successfully the trademark rights for the name “Bitcoin” and recently filed a lawsuit against a smaller company because of the use of the Name on their product launched.

The owner of the Respondent company reported in a Bitcoin Subreddit a cease and desist letter, sent to the British company to him. The British company with the name “A. B. C. IPHOLDINGS SOUTH WEST LLC” demanded of the smaller companies that Were there to stop Bitcoin on the used Etsy to sell the Store and demanded that the company should recall all the affected and already sent out products, and then to the British company to send.

Excerpt of the cease and desist – source

The owner of the Respondent company, which is under the Reddit username alarming adhesiveness is well known, expressed his disbelief regarding this claim.

“I couldn’t believe it at first, because I knew that Bitcoin and the Bitcoin Logo are in the public domain, and even a similar Attempt to protect the trademark rights of Bitcoin in the United States failed.”

To his dismay, however, actually registered a trademark in the IPO database for the United Kingdom, and registered. According to the official records, the brand was at the end of last year at 22. December 2017 and submitted little more than a month on the 13. April 2018 registered. In addition, the brand was set to ten years, and therefore runs only on 22. December 2027.


According to the entrepreneur, everyone who writes in the UK the word “Bitcoin” on any of the merchandise, or even only a drink could be sued.

Trademark infringement is not enforceable?

However, it is still unclear whether the accusatory company will actually proceed with his threats, or whether the trademark infringement is work actually. According to another Reddit user who commented on the post, the claim is “unenforceable” because the term “Bitcoin” is much too General.

“Basically, it is not executable, mt.gox had it protected years ago (“security”) in the UK, but even that was understandable, since the Name” Bitcoin “is much to General to be trademarked (I checked this years ago, personally)”

The sue company also holds the trademark rights to the “WESTWORLD”, which is probably thanks to the eponymous TV Show on HBO.

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