Belgian crisisberaad after shooting Hatch

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BRUSSELS – Because of the deadly shooting rampage in Liège comes Tuesday afternoon the National Security council of Belgium come together, the body that the intelligence and security policy determines and coordinates. The federal crisis centre had previously know that the threat level on 2 remains, on a scale of 4.

The Public Ministry is investigating whether there was a terrorist attack. The federal public prosecutor’s office has the investigation taken over, and gives Wednesday at 10.30 am a press conference in Brussels. The Dutch National Coordinator for Counterterrorism and Security Dick Schoof know in contact with the Belgian authorities.

The meeting in Brussels will start at 16.30 and will be chaired by prime minister Charles Michel, who returned from a visit to the scene of the disaster. He accompanied there with some of the ministers and the king. In addition to the main ministers are the top of the intelligence services, the police and antiterreurorgaan OCAD represented in the National Security council.

Black day

In the Walloon town south of Maastricht in the morning, two female agents and a male passer-by shot dead. The shooter was after he was in a nearby school, a woman was held hostage and killed by a politiekogel. Possible the man was radicalised in prison. The 36-year-old Benjamin H. from Rochefort was stuck for relatively small offences, and if Monday road for a short leave.

Mayor Willy Demeyer from Liege spoke of a black day for the city. On public buildings in Liège will be the flags Wednesday at half mast hang. It is also a condoléanceregister opened. On a yet to be determined time is a minute of silence will be observed.

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