BBC accused of homophobia after apologizing to Demi Lovato

9b57fef0995f9c7af5a6776decc0eb2e - BBC accused of homophobia after apologizing to Demi Lovato

The BBC is under fire after apologies of the British broadcaster, during a live registration of a concert of Demi Lovato, Sunday. The apologies followed an evocative act that Demi with a dancer performed.

Singer Demi Lovato (right) on stage with a dancer, while the BBC is The Biggest Weekend Festival in Swansea.

The singer made the bold dance during her song Cool for the Summer, and then they have the public at heart: “Love who you want to keep.” Then added the BBC a communication to the viewer, stating: “We apologize if you would not take issue with anything in this stream.”

Many fans sum up the excuses as homophobic and suggested on social media that the broadcasting of such a message had never let go as Demi, with a man had danced. Opposite the British Metro said a spokesman for the BBC, however, that the apologies followed in the coarse language of the singer. What exactly they would have said, was the spokesman not clear.

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