Andrea Constant in tv special about Bill Cosby

b369ff9cc686bcb0a19615f3fa96391b - Andrea Constant in tv special about Bill Cosby

Andrea Constant, who in 2004 by Bill Cosby was drugged and abused, is Friday to see a special of NBC’s Dateline. It will be the first tv appearance of the former basketball star.

In addition to Constant be Janice Baker-Kinney, Lise-Lotte Lublin, Heidi Thomas and Chelan Lash interviewed. They also have Cosby accused of abuse and testified in the court case of Constant against the former sitcom actor.

Cosby was last month by a jury on three points is found guilty of the drugging and abuse of Constant. For each offence the cases comedian, a prison sentence of up to ten years. Cosby gets this autumn to hear what punishment he gets.

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