André and Monique didn’t want to fall in love with

Monique does in Beau Monde, a book open on her first contact with André. What it turns out; the two were firmly intend not to fall in love with each other.

André Hazes and Monique

A friend of André suggested that she with the three of them agree on what went drink. They found the two fit together, with hunzelfde humor. The evening was André sure that it is a real date was, by the friend to say. And so were Monique and André together to have dinner at ’The Red Sun in Blaricum, he wanted to clearly make an impression’.

In the car, chatted after, listened to music, and he laid his head on her shoulder. “He sought a kind of security. Eventually, that kiss in there, of course.” But falling in love would not be the case. “He got out of the car and I said: ‘do Not fall in love, don’t you?” He: ‘neither did You, eh?’ I, very tough: ‘not Me.’”

Better times

But after two weeks of acquaintances, the two share their love. And after four years Monique still butterflies in her stomach when they see him. But everyone also knows about their liefdesproblemen, by Private early noted. The cause: his busy schedule. André left the house, Monique let us know that they really don’t half a year on him, sat down to wait and after a sunny holiday in Mexico, the two agreed it together again to try.

A few days after our return, pulled André back to his family, and meanwhile, they find a joint home with André Jr. to go and live. Or André or more time can make for wife and child? “I sincerely hope for better times”, let Monique in Beau Monde yet again know again.

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