Alan Was frustrated by the role in Harry Potter films

The 2016 death of British actor Alan Was wasn’t exactly happy with his iconic role of professor Severus Snape in the Harry Potter films. He would even frustrated have been during the recordings. This is evident from a collection of letters that have recently been auctioned, writes filmmagazine Deadline.

A letter from producer David Heyman, which was addressed to Alan Was makes mention of personal problems during the production. “Thank you Harry Potter 2 a success story made. I know that you sometimes feel frustrated, but know that your role is an integral part of the series. You are a brilliant actor,” writes Heyman.

In a later memo indicates Was that he is frustrated about the work of David Yates, the director of the last four Harry Potter films. “It is as if Yates has decided that this is not important for the larger whole, for example for the young viewers,” writes the English actor. What is not important, it clarified, Was not in his memo.

Alan Was died in 2016 at age 69 of pancreatic cancer.

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