Actress from ’13 Reasons Why’ announces retirement

78132df7dd36a7cf40a05fde828a9884 - Actress from '13 Reasons Why' announces retirement

Katherine Langford is leaving the popular Netflix series, ’13 Reasons Why’. That has the actress confirmed on Instagram. In an emotional post she takes farewell of her character Hannah Baker.

“Hannah, I love you and I’ll let you off”, with those words confirms Katherine Langford that her storyline in the series is completed. In the Instagrampost thanks her fans and colleagues.

Langford will not be in the possible third season of the series. The arrival of that season is still not confirmed, though going there rumours. For example, the school where the series was filmed, was already booked for recordings.

Her role as Hannah Baker was the first job of the actress. The 22-year-old star to look fully to the future. “I always want meaningful work continue to do so. Either in film, music or any other form of art,” she writes.

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