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With Litecoin, Dash, Monero and Bitcoin ATM in Prague, pay

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Our neighbouring country the Czech Republic is regarded as a crypto-friendly, and innovative. In the Czech capital, Prague, a 10-bitcoin vending machines to support are now the also Dash, Monero and Litecoin. The underground network in Prague is the fifth-largest in Europe, so that every day a variety of people with crypto-currencies comes into contact with.

General Bytes, one of the largest Bitcoin ATM manufacturers in the world, has recently been installed in the Prague metro, ten new ATMs in addition to Fiat money also support Kryptwährungen such as Bitcoin, Dash, Monero and Litecoin (depending on location).

Now all commuters can purchase in Prague by Metro to digital goods in different locations and with crypto-currencies to pay. The following map shows the distribution of bitcoin ATMs in the vicinity of the U-Bahn.

The metro system of Prague is the fifth-largest of Europe, so that thousands of people come daily in contact with Bitcoin, Litecoin and co.

Prague is regarded internationally as a popular Kryptohub, where meanwhile a whole bunch of crypto enthusiasts and companies have settled. A total of esmittlerweile 46 crypto currency/ATMs in the country, of which 27 are located in Prague. General Bytes is the world’s second largest manufacturer of Bitcoin ATM’s. According to Coinatmradar General Bytes installed worldwide 859 Bitcoin vending machine.

The following Video shows how such a machine works.

The purchase limit is limited to a small amount, so that criminal activities should be prevented.

The proliferation of these machines contributes a small part to the adaptation of cryptocurrencies in the life of the people. In Germany, the requirements for the provision of such a machine are relatively high. For a Bank license from the Bafin is necessary, which must be by the financial Supervisory authority granted.

For those who have been on the penultimate Blockchain Meetup Saxony Mittweida know that the University of Mittweida is working on such a project and the installation of a Bitcoin ATM’s.

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