VI Orange not welcome at the Soestdijk Palace

Wilfred Genee frustrated that he has the daily talk show VI Oranje remain at home at the Soestdijk Palace. “Baal, I really like a plug,” said Wilfred Monday in the Veronica Middagshow.

The presenter of Football Inside let know disappointed to be in the course of business at VI Oranje remain at home. Previously, RTL announced that the program would be broadcast from a unique location, but this does not go through, because, according to a bbc spokesman was not successful to obtain a permit.

Wilfred: “I hear just this afternoon, that we now so just in the studio sitting. There, we are very happy. What a misery all man. We were with a tent on the moors sit down, then it was even better. You can location as many fun things to do and now we’re yet again in the studio.”

VI Oranje remain at home, with Johan Derksen and René van der Jibe, it is broadcast on the time slot of RTL Late Night.

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