Van Dijk: ‘I am different than Ramos’

In Germany started old-topdoelman Oliver Kahn immediately after the Champions League final the discussion what the role of Real Madrid and can use Sergio Ramos in the black-outs of Loris Karius had played.

Virgil van Dijk towers above everything and everyone. Left Sergio Ramos.

Ramos gave the Liverpool keeper before that, consciously or not, a tap in the face, and the goalkeeper seemed then literally lost the trail. Virgil van Dijk was very excited to have the Spaniard to condemn and spoke with admiration about the ’repeat offender’, who was also responsible for the loss of Mohamed Salah.

“I think I pushed Ramos, and then he that beech gave. The prizes that he has won, say enough. He is very experienced. I don’t know if the time with Salah intentionally happened, but he has a trophy to grab. Or I over-my-body mentality also would like to have? I don’t know. He is an excellent footballer, but I think I just am different. I will never try anyone.”

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