Unexpected twist in the last Matchmakers

7d6e8f89704b99dc66c3a178d6d4b738 - Unexpected twist in the last Matchmakers

In the last episode surprised Jani all singles, that their friends were linked in Matchmakers, with a visit. The question we each answer to want: is it a relationship or not?

Zita has had a house bought and is renovating, Maëlle is to work on the maternity ward of the hospital, Dimi at a ijsboer in Sint-Niklaas. They are, but also Koen, Jesse and Elijah went meanwhile on a trip. But not all trips went as it was planned. Maëlle returned with a scraped leg and also for Koen, there is an unexpected turn…

During the filming of the series was also not always go as planned; the recordings of one single, Groin, were discontinued after the first date failed…

All that and much more, extras in the last episode of Matchmakers.

Monday to 20u35 on FOUR.

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