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Tron’s dream home giveaway leads to rumors about future developments

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Tron gives currently the largest giveaway the company has ever issued.

If we can learn one thing from Tron’s story, then, is it that Justin Sun, Director of Tron, ad like to give away gifts before important announcements. Maseratis, Mercedes as well as Airdrops were all given away already.

15. May tweeted Mr Sun that he was planning a new giveaway and talked about a dream house.

This happened at the same time, in the rumors about the possible listing of the Tron went with Coinbase around. The news of the giveaway to concentrate more news with respect to Tron as the gift itself.

Binance, Maserati and Mercedes

Mr sun’s first giveaway happened last Christmas, then the recording of Tron on Binance.

He gave away a Mercedes-Benz and a Maserati. This was a critical Moment for Tron, since the new listing was probably the main reason for this is that the rate of one Cent increased at the end of 2017 to 0.2 USD, as he reached in January, its highest level.

According to CoinMarketCap Tron is one of the crypto currencies with the highest trading volume on Binance. The Team of Tron intends certainly, this amazing level of success by joining larger crypto-currency exchanges.

The Dream Home Giveaway

There are no Details about the exact giveaway have been announced, but this has not stopped the TRX-holder, to inspire.

Trons-Main-Net-Start is imminent, to the Tron and TRX a completely from Ethereum and the ECR-20-Blockchain-independent network. Great things are happening for Tron.

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