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TRON starts the Virtual Machine: a milestone in the Ecosystem of TRON

The Launch of the TRON Mainnets is getting closer and is now only 3 days. An important and smooth Start-up and Migration of the TRON Tokens is the focus of all TRON-Supporter. Another important intermediate target could be achieved by the Start of the TRON Virtual Machine.

Justin Sun announced a few days ago, the Start of TRONs Virtual Machine [TVM] on his Twitter page at the scheduled appointment on the 25. May 2018. TVM is a tailor-made Blockchain-System in the TRON network and to make transactions within the network more efficiently.

The aim is to provide users with a more secure and scalable Ecosystem. This virtual machine is compatible with the virtual machine of Ethereum. Therefore, all decentralized applications and dApps based on the Ethereum Blockchain, should be able to easily switch to TRON.

Furthermore, the data developer can implement an all-round system with Solidity and other programming languages and experiment with. Developers will be able to test complex applications, programmers and implement them.

Unlike Ethereums Virtual Mashine, Gas for the execution of the transactions is necessary, TRON on the “No Gas Charge” System, so that transactions are free of charge and no tokens are consumed. For more information on the functioning of the TVM, there is here to read.

Although currently a real buzz around TRON in progress, drops the course within the last 24 hours by more than 10 percent at a price of € 0.05 per Token. However, this is not an isolated case as the entire crypto market is in the last days in the red.

TRON occupies currencies with a market capitalization of 3.6 billion square 9 of the biggest Crypto.

We are looking forward to the Start of the Mainnets and see in which direction the price will develop.

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