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Transfer with a bitter aftertaste: The Free leave Lazio after a lousy game against Inter… Inter

Stefan the Free continues his career at Internazionale. The defender confirmed on Monday just before the training of the Dutch national team that he has reached an agreement with the club from Milan on a five-year contract. “I think for me to be able to further develop,” he said. “I have in any case very much sense in it.”

The 26-year-old defender was previously already known that he is his expiring contract with Lazio, where he was four years played, not wanted to renew. The Free was for months been linked with a transfer to Inter. That transition was sensitive, because both clubs still in the race for a ticket for the Champions League.

Eventually placed Inter for the kampioenenbal, thanks to a uitzege last week at Lazio (2-3) during the last matchday in the Serie A. The Free was precisely in that fraught duel no strong impression and caused a penalty kick.

“Anyone who knows me, knows that I am also in that match all have given,” he said. “Or they that also in Italy believe? I don’t know. I’ve just had a week of everything so I refreshed again with the Dutch national team could arrive.”

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