Tommy Lee put fans on the wrong foot with the ’wedding picture’

77a70b725875f23fba0ab95a2e793248 - Tommy Lee put fans on the wrong foot with the ’wedding picture’

Tommy Lee and his fiancée, Brittany Furlan made for fun a picture for a trouwaltaar that are still at their hotel stood. But not everyone was reading the caption of the two, well, so American media wrote that the two were married.

Brittany Furlan and Tommy Lee are in for a good joke

It was the post Tommy Lee on Instragram that people on the wrong leg put. A photo of the couple in blue bathrobes and slippers for a trouwaltaar, he wrote: ’Did it do A LOT”. Not immediately an obvious comment, but apparently enough to make people think that he and his fiancé Brittany Furlan actually got married.

Especially for those who the Instagrampost of Brittany to the nasloeg, where they with the same picture and wrote: “BEST DAY EVER.” After all the misunderstandings, she added, however, quickly added: “make A picture for a person’s remaining trouwaltaar.”

Most fans find it amazing that the media and fans with open eyes in the joke stepped of the set, which is on Valentine’s day this year, the fiance. They had, after all, still have doubts to get to their trouwdecor and their outfits. But not everyone can laugh about it. “You have to be really a lot of time in your life, if you like this kind of jokes out of it.”

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