TO support Belgian police for taserwet

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BRUSSELS – The Belgian trade unions fear that agents that people injure or kill with a taser will be prosecuted, because the use of such stroomstootwapens in Belgium is not legally regulated. They demand that a trial in fourteen police zones with the use of the weapon is terminated now they get support of the Public Ministry.

In a letter to minister of the Interior Jan Jambon disclaim the attorney-general on the lack of a legal framework for the tasers. They have “great concern” about.

Police union ACV is threatening a strike as long as the law isn’t being adjusted. “As a policeman tomorrow someone will pass with a taser and the victim dies, then that agent is in big trouble. The agent makes use of an illegal weapon. Not only do we find that, but also the state attorneys general. And they decide about any prosecution,” said a spokesman. Also trade union NSPV decries use. “If you’re someone tasert with a heart defect than are the puppets dancing. We want our police officers are well-hedged.”

The ministry “would like to thank the college for its opinion but, in our opinion is the current law sufficient.”

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