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To promote Blockchain technology: Dash Embassy-CH joins Blockchain Association

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The Dash Embassy-CH UG (i. G.), first Offline representation of the Cryptocurrency Dash for the Region Germany, Austria and Switzerland, is the newest member in the Blockchain Bundesverband e. V. (

The on 29. June 2017-founded the Association for the legal, regulatory, and social recognition of the Blockchain technology as the basic infrastructure and essential part of digitisation.

The Association is to create legal certainty in the civil law, tax and regulatory the area of an innovation-friendly climate for Blockchain applications in Germany.

The promotion of education and science in the area of Blockchain technology is also on the Association’s agenda.

As a monetary Cryptocurrency with the aim to offer an Alternative to cash at the Point-of-Sale, is based also Dash on the Blockchain, which is considered to be one of the safest technologies that we currently have

Jan Heinrich Meyer, founder and managing Director of the Dash to the Embassy as-CH will be explained.

To be able to the potential of this technology to exploit, it needs not only to mass-market applications, but in the first line of acceptance. This we can only achieve if we provide sustainable educational work and the General public a basic understanding of the technology to convey that the people are empowered to make decisions of Use.

The Dash Embassy since-CH is officially legitimized the establishment of the crypto-currency Dash is a physically accessible point of contact and to drive the awareness around the topic of crypto-currencies in General, and Dash in Particular in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

A comprehensive, online and offline available teaching and training program can get retailers, institutions, and any interested members of the own knowledge about the topics of Blockchain technology, payment processing, organization, use of parameters and Regulation.

Marcus Ewald, Chairman of the Advisory Board of the Blockchain Federal Association: “We are pleased to welcome Dash to the Embassy as-CH as the youngest member of the Association.

Training and education are still the primary social task, and the Dash, the Embassy is a strong comrade-in-arms. The digitization occurs in the next Phase, and will continue to accelerate. Therefore, the dialogue with policy and regulatory bodies is crucial for Germany as a business location.“

On Dash

Dash is digital cash. The Cryptocurrency was developed in 2014 by Evan Duffield, with the goal of inflation is not secure to create a government currency, which is suitable for actual use in everyday life.

In contrast to other crypto-currencies, Dash, has, in spite of the decentralized network through an organizational structure with clear distribution of tasks, budget authority and targeted decision-making hierarchy.

The monetary system is based on the Blockchain technology. Dash paid for all the Power generators in the System (master node and Miner) and generated from the block rewards there is also a separate Budget. Thus, the network of external providers of capital or donations is not independent. The market capitalization of the Dash at the end of 2017 at around 9 billion Euro.

About Dash Embassy-CH

The Dash, the Embassy of a legitimate representative office of the Cryptocurrency Dash in the German-speaking countries. The company, based in Lübeck, take a education and teaching job in the name of the Dash-network true.

The goal is dialogue and enlightenment around the topic of crypto-currencies in General, and Dash in Particular in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In addition to Online Tutorials and offline, carry-forward of interested retailers in the Dash, the Embassy of the person to contact. More Information and all current offers


Dash Embassy-CH

HOSCHKE & CONSORTEN Public Relations

Christina Siebels / Natalia Kroll

Tel. 040 – 36 9050 – 58 / – 57

E-Mail: /

Blockchain Association

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