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The data-fishing of the EOS warns of Phishing emails

In an official Statement Block the EOS Community from an attack on your personal data. A Phishing attack is Unknown, try to arrive by Mail to the sensitive data of the customers.

The Narrative is well known: crypto-currencies are (mostly) safe(relatively), also the Blockchain, it is the stock exchanges, intermediaries, etc., it is not always the case. Also a reason why the call for decentralized platforms is getting louder again. Just Phishing attacks where the attacker attempts by fake login pages, and Interfaces to access the data of the users, are not uncommon.

Or by E-Mail. So it happened, apparently, recently at the EOSIO how to, the company warns behind the EOS Token on his website. Accordingly, on 27. May E-Mails from Scammers to the user have been distributed. Therein, the Links were to fake websites, to be able to to this then the data of the customer to read.

EOS Phishing: beware of the data-fishermen

The fake messages contain, among other things, the words “upcoming June 1st update!”. They were not, therefore, of the and not to open it. In addition, the page was a link to the e-Mails ( a Scam, and a visit to under no circumstances of the users.

For security reasons, in this context, the Support set, since you suspect that the attackers were on the Zendesk platform penetration.

As you can see the official warning, the Team of is currently in the process of making attacker to locate and fix the problems.

The EOS-rate is currently around 10 Euro per Token. So he turns in a row with the other crypto-currencies, where the prices fall for the most part. He recorded a weekly loss of nearly 15 percent, for a monthly Price of just under 34 percent. The all-time high of the course was on 29. April 19,55 euros.

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