Terry Gilliam: the 25 year wait was worth it

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The Man Who Killed Don Quixote premiered at Cannes film festival

Filmmaker Terry Gilliam is convinced that his Don Quixote movie the long wait was worth it – because of those 25 years made it better. The Monty Python star spent a quarter of a century perfecting of The Man Who Killed Don Quixote, which was plagued by multiple castwisselingen, financial setbacks and disasters on the set, but he is sure that the final product is better than it was twenty years ago would have been.

“I think it changed a lot,” says Gilliam Deadline. “The thing is, it is changed for the better. That is what’s so interesting, was that this whole quarter-century process, the film has made what he now is, and it is better.

“The big jump was when we got Toby (the character played by Adam Driver) on the head were correct which he is in the 17th century ended up. To make it all modern. Part of it was just practical – it was just cheaper if you don’t have to paint out all telephone lines and satellite dishes. But it was a better idea because it went that he was back in the time traveled to the real Don Quixote to meet.

This idea where we finally came was the guy who believes he is Don Quixote is because he is in a film in which he Don Quixote, performed. It was really a movie about movies and movie making. The effect of films. That was all much more interesting for me… The movie made itself, I just filled in, to remain alive.

The long wait resulted in fruit at the Cannes film Festival earlier this month, when it premiered a warm welcome was given.

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