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Terrible, all the lies about Ivan the Terrible

A painting of the Russian Ilya Repin, in which Ivan the Terrible his dying son in the arms after he has just killed, Friday night in a museum in Moscow by a vandal severely damaged. It is not the first time that that happens, and it is also no coincidence.

Igor Podporin had an excuse ready when the police Friday night asked him what had inspired. Just before, just before closing time of the state Tretyakov gallery in Moscow, the man had some suppoosten enjoy …

Igor Podporin had an excuse ready when the police Friday night asked him what had inspired. Just before, just before closing time of the state Tretyakov gallery in Moscow, the man had some suppoosten enjoy and a metal pole fitted to it as crazy to go whack on the painting Ivan the Terrible and his son Ivan on 16 november 1581. The excuse: Podporin had just previously ‘100 grams of vodka achterovergeslagen. “I never normally drink vodka, I got it from my milk.’

Attack with metal pole

Podporin, a 37-year-old Russian, conducted his attack with one of the metal posts that ironic enough for the painting to visitors at a distance. He struck first the glass to pieces where the painting behind it to protect it against climatic influences. Then he was still there in the canvas in three places to tear before he was overpowered.

The damage to the valuable painting is so large. The canvas is also full of glass fragments. Happy is the most important zone, in which the faces and the hands of father and son Ivan, free remained. ‘The painting is still to restore it, let the state Tretyakov gallery, in a communication to know. “But the restoration will take several years.’

Thorn in the eye

This has Podporin than, nevertheless, achieved what he undoubtedly intended: that the painting would no longer be exhibited. Because vodka or not, his target was not chosen at random. The painting of Repin is a lot of Russians have been a thorn in the eye. Podporin immediately received statements of support, and not the least. Vasily-Boiko-Veliky, a rich industrialist and member of a rather extreemorthodoxe group, offered immediately to his lawyer to pay. Veliky has been years campaign to the painting from the Tretyakov gallery to remove it. The management has never admitted it.

The tsar has not done so

Let the name of that museum by the way of the wise: Tretyakov is some of the most important museum of Russian art in the country, fourth two years ago, its 160-year anniversary and is already since the foundation under fire for some controversial paintings. Ivan the terrible and his son Ivan, by Repin painted in 1885, was at first not allowed to be exhibited. When was that normal, tsar Alexander III was in power and who felt not a little geschoffeerd by the work. That is this: on the painting, you see, Ivan the Terrible, the first tsar of all Russians, with a panic look the bleeding body of his eldest son, the tsarevich Ivan) in the arms to keep after him, just the head has taken. Quite a few Russian nationalists were questioning whether that really happened. Offender Podporin: “Tsar Ivan, his son not murdered,” he said during his interrogation.

The rehabilitation of Ivan the not so terrible

The national history is the subject of a sharp debate in Russia, and the painting by Repin is in the midst of the storm. Since Vladimir Putin, there the sheets out, wants the Kremlin a more positive, more nationalist reading of history. It was mainly about the legacy of Stalin, and about the share of Russia in the Second world War, but also Ivan the Terrible is a rehabilitation. Two years ago, was the first monument to his honour was unveiled in Oryol, the town that Ivan 450 years earlier had founded. Vadim Potomsky, governor of Oryol, said on that occasion that the bad reputation of Ivan was largely due to a foreign conspiracy. “He was a great tsar,” said Potomsky. “He is dismissed as a tyrant and a psychopath, but that’s not true. European leaders from that time period were much bloeddorstiger and have all the statues, but there crows no cock.’

It is a catholic conspiracy

Did last year also Putin himself are coin in the bag. He gave more insight into the origin of the western conspiracy. “Many researchers are convinced that tsar Ivan no one else has been killed,” he said. ‘Those rumors are, according to them, launched after a papal visit, intended to make Russia a catholic country. When Ivan the pope walking sent, and dived suddenly all sorts of stories about him. From then he was Ivan the Terrible.’

The painting of Repin, ” a bolsjewiek’, according to the rich industrial Veliky – according to the nationalists, therefore, part of a catholic western conspiracy against the proud, orthodox Russia. For the same reason, it was 105 years ago, damaged by a ‘mentally ill person’ iconograaf. Repin lived then, and has himself restored. On the back of the canvas, he made notes about which repairs, which the restorers may now be able to benefit.

Vandal Igor Podporin looks likely to be against a prison sentence of three years. About as long as it will take to restore the painting. Russian justice is called that.

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