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Stoffel Vandoorne sacrificed for Alonso?: “This was a disappointing race”

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The belgian Stoffel Vandoorne had a disappointing race through the streets of Monaco. Our compatriot lost a lot of time during his first pit stop, after which he eventually ended up as fourteenth finished.

On the twelfth position if Vandoorne on the harder ‘ultrasoft-band’ to start the race. Vandoorne was hoping so for a longer stay on the track before his first pit stop to run. Due to the high bandendegradatie could not, however. Also ran the error during his pit stop, saving valuable time and positions lost.

Striking was also that Vandoorne his pit stop slightly delayed seemed to be so that our compatriot is still just as team-mate Fernando Alonso a service could prove by Max Verstappen to keep. Alonso eventually had, however, by technical problems.

“This was a disappointing race for me,” says Vandoorne back to his GP of Monaco. “The first stint was really difficult. I started on the ‘ultrasoft’ and was planning to stay longer than drive the riders on the ‘hypersofts’. However, I had too much bandendegradatie. Then I lost time during my first pit stop and therefore I lost a lot of places.”

“My last stint on the hypersoft, was a bit faster and I could fight with the cars for me. Monaco is, however, not the place where you easily can catch up.”

Vandoorne try after the disappointing race still something positive to remember and that is the qualification, in which McLaren progression seems to remain the books, already realize Vandoorne that McLaren are still a lot of work to do.

“We were expecting more of this race. I think that we are however during the qualification again a step forward. However, I think we should focus on the improvement of the general performance of the car so that we are in a better position to score points.”

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