Stars react to kiss Millie Bobby Brown

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With a photo on Instagram has Millie Bobby Brown confirmed that she is in love. The 14-year-old has something to do with the American singer and internetpersoonlijkheid Jacob Sartorius (15).

Millie Bobby Brown

The two teenagers shared both the same photo on Instagram. Then they give each other a kiss on a dusky beach. “Moonlight with him,” wrote the Stranger Things-an actress with the photo. The two have, according to Daily Mirror or something with each other since October.

Millie Bobbie Brown shared this photo

A number of stars responded this weekend at the liefdesuiting of Millie. Hailey Baldwin did know that the two are ’cute together’. Anais Gallagher, the 18-year-old daughter of Liam, wondered: “Why could I not kissing on my fourteenth?.” Ariana Grande, who has befriended Millie, joked: “I was not allowed out of the house until I was 20.” Thus she got within thirteen hours 200,000 likes. Millie got to her post of more than 3 million likes.

Jacob Sartorius

Apparently it was Jacob and Millie commenting on their kiss still not very funny: they replaced both the original picture by another strandkiekje. It wrote to Millie: “I’m fine, but with you, even better.”

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