Solo: A Star Wars Story’ performs below expectations

a88acc8dd0cbc37986d9e8f7474954ea - Solo: A Star Wars Story' performs below expectations

‘Deadpool 2’ has been in the forefront in the North American Box Office Top 10 lost. On top there is now ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story, but on a financial level, performs the film, however, was below expectations.

With a turnover of 83.3 million dollars, opened a 250 million dollar movie below all expectations and thus also the weakest of the four already appeared in Star Wars films of Walt Disney/Lucasfilm. Globally, the score is extremely lean, with only 148,3 million dollars. To the costs will the pricey Solo 450 to 550 million dollars should record. With now less than 150 million dollars worldwide will probably be very difficult.

In the North American Box Office Top 10 lost ‘Deadpool 2’ are in first place and dropped one place lower. In the second weekend did the movie come out on an excellent 42,7 million dollars, and grew thereby to 207,4 million dollars in the States and 487,1 million worldwide. ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ completes this week’s top three and came in the fifth weekend to 16.5 million and now stands at 621,7 million in the States.

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