Service dog like in the middle on the airport of puppies

Tampa – service dog Ellie who, along with her owner was waiting to board a flight to boarding on the U.s. Tampa International Airport, gave birth to eight healthy puppies. Nugget, the daddy of the puppies watched.

Papa Nugget supports mama Ellie.

Golden Retriever, Ellie, was together with boss Diane Van Atter and the father of the pups, Golden Nugget, on the way to Philadelphia. While waiting at the gate at the airport and started the delivery.

Ellie and Nugget were happy not only for. Their owner and the emergency services have the 2-year-old Golden retriever, helped to keep her pups safe in the world. The seven boys and one girl were in dress wrapped, and when parents laid down.

Images of the specific scene are posted on social media. That is, one can see that papa Nugget almost as nervous it seemed as the mother. Parents and pups make it, after the bijzonere childbirth, good.

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