Seafarers ‘drugsboot rescued and arrested

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CANBERRA – The Australian authorities have four crew picked up from a ship that was in trouble hit. The defendants were without fuel and dobberden for thirty hours around when she has the attention could draw out of a plane, messages in Australian media. It turned out they had a cargo of cannabis on board.

On board was a cargo of cannabis.

The boat was on the drift, hit the coast of the Northern Territory. The crew used forced into the lamp from a telephone to be light to reflect on a jerry can. So they pulled the attention of an overflying aircraft of the Australian grensbewakingsdienst.

The men have according to the authorities very lucky, because the water on board ran out. ,,They had about a quarter of the distance to Indonesia taken”, said a politiewoordvoerder. They were deep in trouble as they were not noticed by the unit of the Border Force.”

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