Robbie Williams helps with marriage proposal Brabant Jetske

Robbie Williams has Sunday during a livestream a boy so far been given to his girlfriend asked. The Brabant Chris and Jetske are already ten years together, but a proposal was not. It is high time to change, so must the singer have thought of.

Jetske took part in the livestream and let Robbie know that after ten years still on the proposal was waiting. Chris was then brought into focus and the singer joked: “If I can, you can too!”. Ayda Field the wife of Robbie, did this one step further: “What does it matter? If they are happy, then you ask her in marriage?”

Chris got finally convinced and went for the eye of thousands of viewers, and the world-famous singer on one knee. Jetske said of course ’yes’. Robbie promised then the huwelijkslied for the couple to sing.

Chris and Jetske during the livestream

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