Rita Ora celebrates ’good friend’ Avicii again

dbc6c672e82722fa062237d98646a3bd - Rita Ora celebrates ’good friend’ Avicii again

Rita Ora has also during her performance on the BBC’s Biggest Weekend festival celebrate the death of Avicii. During the song Lonely Together, the hit Rita with Avicii scored, his picture over.

Rita Ora

“Thank you that you have sung”, said Rita, after the end of the Lonely Together, the last track that Avicii released before his death. “It remains a difficult song for me.”

Avicii was on april 20, found dead in his hotel in Musqat. The dj, who was having trouble with the pressure that was associated with his international success, made an end to his life. He is 28 years old.

Rita, a good friend of Avicii, was also on Koningsdag silent on the death of the dj. During her performance in Breda, she was given the audience a minute of silence.

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