Rico Verhoeven and Teske de Schepper ambassadors, Young Impact

31edbf7902a4b1d1b40a2787f02cbe1a - Rico Verhoeven and Teske de Schepper ambassadors, Young Impact

Teske de Schepper and Rico Verhoeven are the new ambassadors of Young Impact young people to move into volunteering.

“Any young person can make a difference, there, I believe. Everything revolves around mindset. Therefore, I want to be together with Young Impact young people to inspire and help to achieve their goals through the right mindset!”, says kickbokser Rico Verhoeven.

Research among 700 young people shows that only 27 per cent of volunteer work is doing, while 80 percent do volunteer work would like to do.

“There is a lot of courage to deviate from the rest, but if you feel that that is where your path brings you: do that then. Dreams start small, but can big finish,” says singer and YouTuber Teske de Schepper. “Everyone has a talent, and you can do something good for others and the world little by little positive change. Therefore, I find Young Impact such a great initiative,” she says.

The new ambassadors are Wednesday, June 6, present on the Young Impact Celebration. In Rotterdam Ahoy, thousands of young people together to take action for a better world. There are performances from Ronnie Flex and Kris Kross Amsterdam. Katja Schuurman, Daan Tree to present the event. Johnny de Mol speaks with young people about his experiences with refugees on the Greek island of Lesvos.

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