Qmusic-dj makes joke about Bart De Pauw

54ff9b56a72b8c0cd365e8233dee8513 - Qmusic-dj makes joke about Bart De Pauw

The smoke around Bart De Pauw was even gone, but for a joke it is still too early. That experience Qmusic morning-dj Wim Oosterlinck. He gets a lot of criticism after his Tweet.

Bart De Pauw’s birthday. He is 50 today. Send #metoo if you are also birthday (and get an inappropriate message)”, sent presenter Oosterlinck via Twitter to the world.

What if a joke was intended, was not everybody’s good earth. Some find it an inappropriate message. “#metoo is not a coat rack for ‘mopjes’”, it is said. The #MeToo-movement does indeed everything to sexual assault, sexual harassment and sexual misconduct to sue and be punished. “Use #metoo not for this kind of lame jokes. The people who need that movement, now think it’s more of a joke than something serious,” writes yet another person. On the other side of the discussion requires you to do some more laughter in life.“It is but sounds totally fake hey”, no response, someone on The Last News article.

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