Prohibition on display of “Rafiki” is ridiculous, confirms Kenyan filmcommissie

It is ridiculous that the Kenyan film “Rafiki”, which tells the story of a romance between two women, not in Kenya may be shown. That says, the Kenyan commission for the promotion of the national film industry. Recently the film was screened at the Cannes film festival in the category “Un Certain Regard”.

“This is a matter of freedom of expression,” said committee chairman Chris Foot last week during a press conference. He believes that the creators of the film, the Kenyan constitution on their side. “This commission will have the film and its makers continue to support”, he stresses further.

“Rafiki” was the first Kenyan film premiere was at Cannes. The film was included in the category “Un Certain Regard”, but may, in the homeland of director Wanuri Kahiu will not be shown. The Kenyan filmbeoordelingscommissie decided at the end of april that there are no showings were allowed to take place, as the film’s lesbian scenes. According to the current Kenyan legislation, which dates from the time that the African country was a British colony, is any expression of homosexuality is forbidden.

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