Patty Brard discovered old very at therapy sessions

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Patty Brard is Monday to see it in CELEBRITIES in therapy, in which the presenter with a therapist Esther van Fenema in conversation. During the four sessions came by Brard one big topic to the top.

During her session with therapist Esther van Fenema there was something in there that Brard in advance did not arrive, she says in conversation with “I’m at the time in 1993, red.) personal bankrupt. Then you have nothing, no life, no home.”

After this major event in Brards life she has had therapy. “I thought that I was there and am stopped. After that, I never a therapist seen. I thought that I have done well. But there are so many hooks and eyes linger of unfairness and injustice. That has a number of things in my life that does what is settled.”

The presenter noted that she lived in two extremes. “For my loved ones, I have everything, but if you talk to them or to me something is hurting, then there is an army in me are fighting with kalashnikovs and I’m through to the hole. There should be some more balance between those two,” said Brard.

The therapy has its quieter. “We can do that, of course, not in four sessions, but it has shown that I admit that that balance there may be. I have my last session have not had.”

That will Brard important for themselves, but also for its surroundings. “It’s actually amazing that I after that bankruptcy are still people trusted.”

Brard said in advance that Van Fenema her of everything if ask. “I said, question everything, and then can I explain why I have about certain things not want to talk about. For the best results, you should be fair. So, I talk not about my daughter (with whom Brard for years no contact, red.) because that appreciates them. I came to know that the bankruptcy and my role as a protector of influence will have been on contact us. I think I’m her harder had to protect and at the same time, also not too hard on myself.”

Stomach reduction

Brard underwent at the beginning of march a stomach reduction and its recovery coincided with the therapy sessions. “It comes to me always all at the same time.” With her husband Antoine discussed Brard its possible participation in the program, that its recommended only to do it when it felt good. “He is a good guide.”

The presenter explains they first found that it is not the right time and that the sessions might be, “what a lot” were combined with her recovery after the surgery. “But it was the right moment. It has me afterwards helped a lot and I’m definitely through with therapy.”

Brard was also under the impression from the sessions of her “colleagues”, which the program participation, such as Patricia Mine and Christina Curry. “I find it very clever of everyone who participated in the program to participate. In the program offers plenty of examples for people who are somewhere struggling with, so that they can recognize and what to do with it.”

The presenter sees therapy as something that is a great taboo. “Do you want to rid of your wrinkles, you can. Do you want to lose weight, a gastric bypass to the possibilities. In the case of therapy, it seems as if you first wacko explained before you start. But I think it’s best for everyone, is to use an independent person to talk to.”

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