’Patrica Mine spread seksfilmpje itself’

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Patricia Mine has her seksfilmpje yourself via Whatsapp to spread to multiple people. That claim, the lawyers of the man who took the video on social media, and Stated, that in February last year, a link was placed to this tweet, at the court, at the court in Amsterdam.

Patricia Mine

In addition, the singer and tv personality themselves some media have informed of the existence of the movie. The counsel can not be found in the compensation of 4.5 tonnes, which Mine claims to be for the spread of the video, which is to see that they are piss-sex with a man.

According to her lawyer, she has 250,000 euros to intangible damages and 200,000 in damage to property, including through loss of income. The counsel for the counterparty to say, however, that the video to her new work has yielded.

Initially thought Mine that the footage could have been. “The movie is from a few years ago and it had been agreed between the parties would remain and should be destroyed. They could not imagine that it was still there,” said her lawyer.

According to the lawyer, the singer still psychological problems as a result of the publication. “Especially if there is an audience. She has also very against this day opgezien.” The lawyer also emphasised that sex is not the trademark of Mine. “Ninety percent of her work has nothing with sex and eroticism.”

Reporter Ilan Sluis follows the process from the court. He can be followed live on Twitter and via the feed below.

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