Palestinians want naval blockade of Gaza break

a62cd2ab7f11c8005c24892211571673 - Palestinians want naval blockade of Gaza break

GAZA – Palestinians want Tuesday by way of protest in a ship, the Israeli blockade of the Gaza strip to break. On board are, among others, people who in the past weeks during clashes with the Israeli army at the border were injured.

It is built to the naval blockade.

The all-Hurija (Freedom) will be at 9: 30am, the port of Gaza to leave, left the organization Monday to know. The national committee ’Mars of the Return prepared for the last time to land plenty of mass demonstrations. It was not known where the boat, with students and Palestinians with dual citizenship if the other crew members, rate will convert.

Israel and suggested, for safety reasons, more than ten years ago a blockage in the coastal area of Gaza. Also, Egypt has worked. This is partly why the area according to the Palestinians today, “the largest prison in the world.” Eight years ago enterde the Israeli navy and the solidariteitsschip Mavi Marmara with relief supplies for Gaza, leaving nine Turkish citizens were killed.

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