Outrage over publicatieverbod after arrest Tommy Robinson

London – the United Kingdom is a negative reaction to the decision of a judge to the media imposing a ban on the publication about the condemnation of anti-islamactivist Tommy Robinson.

The 35-year-old extreme-right activist Tommy Robinson.

The 35-year-old extreme-right activist was Friday the 13 months in prison imposed after he burgerjournalist recordings had been made in a court of law. In the federal court were 29 British-Pakistani men. That reports the NOS.

Robinson was caught because of disturbing public order and agitation. Last weekend there were hundreds of protesters on the streets in London to demonstrate for the release of Robinson.


The media attention would ensure that the case, where a jury is present, could be affected. That said the judge.

A protester during the protests in London.


On social media there is a lot of fuss about the ban. One speaks of censorship. PVV-leader Geert Wilders has via Twitter questions to the minister Block of Foreign affairs on the conviction of Robinson.

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