No traces of drugs in the woman that director Luc Besson accuses of rape

The toxicological analyses at the woman who was the French director Luc Besson accused of rape, are negative. The woman had not claimed that she was drugged, but the analyses are performed for all hypotheses. That says a source close to the investigation.

The 27-year-old comedian and fashion model says that they are in the middle of may in the Bristolhotel in Paris, is raped by the director. She served the next day complaint. Besson spoke of “fanciful allegations”.

The woman said to the police that they have a tea drank during a meeting with Besson in the hotel. She said that she bad felt, and “absent” was. She said, however, that they are drugged.

The comedienne also said that she is already approximately two years of an intimate relationship with the 59-year-old director and that they are obliged to do so felt as a result of their professional relationship, said a second source close to the investigation.

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