Nikki Bella hopes on a reunion with John Cena

“He is my best friend and I love him”.

Nikki Bella still has the hope that they will in the future with John Cena tie the knot. Against TMZ reveals the showworstelaar that they have a reunion does not exclude. Her wedding dress to hold them for the security in the cabinet to hang.

“I have kept, because I honestly think that John and I together will end up,” says Nikki, who this month announced that her relationship with John, a few weeks before in Mexico were going to get married. “He is my best friend and I love him.”

Yet she was the one that the wedding afblies. “If it doesn’t feel right, if there is a form of hesitation, you need to figure out where that comes from. I didn’t want the aisle walk and the vows give and hesitation or regret.” However, keep the 34-year-old Nikki hope it comes well. “The day that I that vows give, I really want to be that person till death do us part. I have hope for John and me. But at this moment I have some problems I need to address.” Rumors that the breakage would be caused by different ways of thinking about children getting beat, according to Nikki. “I’m just in a period of my life where I really to myself to work. A healthy me, healthy us”, she concludes.

John and Nikki first started dating in 2012 and became engaged a year ago during a large live worstelevenement.

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