NAC and Helmond Sport join forces

38913264f880033fdb9218a343b60837 - NAC and Helmond Sport join forces

NAC Breda is the next four years, together with Helmond Sport.

Hans Smulders (on behalf of NAC) and Leon Vlemmings (on behalf of Helmond Sport).

The two Brabantse clubs help each other in the area of talent development. One of the agreements is that each season, two to four young players of NAC to Helmond Sport are rented and located in the Jupiler League can develop. Diego Snepvangers and Bodi Brusselers are after the summer, the first two players of NAC at Helmond Sport, go to work.

“For some of our bigger talents is the step to the first of NAC is still a little too early, but is it the case that they are under the correct resistance be stimulated to develop”, says Hans Smulders, technical director of NAC.

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