Malian ‘Spiderman’ gets a French passport of Macron after heroic deed

The Malian refugee Mamoudou Gassama, that Saturday in Paris four floors up climbed to a 4-year-old child to save, get the French nationality. That president Emmanuel Macron announced after a meeting with the Malian Spiderman.

In a much-shared video is to see how the man with bare hands on it for half a minute along the four floors to climbing up to the child, that on a balcony hung, to save.

The facts occurred Saturday night about 20 hours, according to fire and police. ‘Fortunately, there was someone with a good level of fitness who had the courage the child to the rescue, says the fire brigade. The child and the man were taken to the hospital. “The child was in shock, and the saviour had pain to the knee”, according to the fire department. Both of them propose the in the meantime well.

The Parisian mayor Anne Hidalgo saw Gassama Sunday night. “He has explained to me he a few months ago from Mali have arrived here, and dreaming in the construction, tweette Hidalgo. ‘I have answered him that his heroic effort is an example for all citizens, and that the city, naturally, will support in his efforts to be in France to live.’
Le Monde writes that the father of the child meanwhile held. The public prosecutor decided to place the child in a reception centre.

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