Macron defends freedom of the press after Erdogan-critical cover

PARIS – The French president Emmanuel Macron is in the breach for the freedom of the press. He did so in defense of the newsmagazine Le Point, which is on the cover of the latest issue of the Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan as a despot portrays.

“It is completely unacceptable that posters of @LePoint of kiosks to be removed because they are enemies of freedom don’t like, both in France and abroad”, reacted Macron Monday via Twitter. “Press freedom has no price: without her, that is the dictatorship.”

Le Point placed on the front page of the last edition was a picture of Erdogan with the text: The dictator. How far will Erdogan go? In the editorial, the question is raised: “Is Erdogan the new Hitler?”

The editors of the magazine said that in Avignon and followers of the Turkish president, the owner of a kiosk have forced the poster to remove it. In Valence, the same thing happened. Later, the reclamebiljetten of Le Point re-hung.

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