Loes Luca in comedy with Spanish topactrice

The renowned Spanish actress Elvira Mínguez, appeared in the opening film of the Cannes film festival this year, the tegenspeelster of Loes Luca in the film Mi Vida. That has a distributor, Paradiso Films announced Monday.

Loes Luca

In Mi Vida plays Loes Luca’s recently retired hairdresser Lou Welter, whose life was a drastic turn of events during a language course in Spain. Mínguez played the role of the new Spanish teacher of Luca. The pictures over the next week will start in the Spanish city of Cádiz.

Elvira Mínguez

The role of the teacher would first be played by actress Rossy de Palma, but this had to at the last moment withdraw. “I have this kind of situations more often had a hand”, says director Norbert ter Hall. “When we got to A’dam-EVA went for a run, we had also two weeks before the start of a different protagonist. Finally picked up the awesome; I can no one think of that role had better be able to play Eva van de Wijdeven.


The director mentions Mi Vida a “coming-of-age film about a woman of 65. Lou is there, after all those years behind that you first need to ensure that you are happy yourself before you can share with others. We often think that the ’coming of age’ genre is only about teenagers. But each new day brings new questions and challenges that force you every time to restart your life in order.”

Other roles are reserved for Ghent Pheifer, Mark Crane and Loïc Bellemans, they play, respectively, the daughter and son of Lou and one of her fellow students of Spanish. Mi Vida will be in 2019 in the Dutch cinemas.

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